Our wonderful hostess Anika speaks about how Piedmont Bistro by Venue has a personality that she can connect with. She believes we really are that neighborhood bistro that we strive to be.


It is that neighborhood bistro we are trying to do.

“My name is Anika. I am a host here, hostess. I have been here about 11 and a half months. Almost a year. Piedmont actually has a personality and I really like our personality. It’s not that I don’t like other restaurant’s personalities but one of the things that I like about us is that we are really friendly. We had a customer just the other day say ‘man you all are quick’ because he made a joke and I played off of that, and then a server was passing through and he played off of that. So we just joke around with customers and it is that neighborhood bistro we are trying to do. We are making that effort and I think it’s working, and I love that. That it’s the whole team that’s making that effect. I always tell our customers that this was one of my top three restaurants in Lincoln, before I even started working here. I’m someone with a lot of dietary restrictions so I really appreciate that we offer a lot of different foods that I can eat, so I can always eat here when I’m working. You know they sat that it’s about who you work with and not where you work. I love our team and that matters a lot.”

I love our team and that matters a lot.

Come in today to meet Anika and tell her a joke. We will give you that friendly, neighborhood treatment we strive for.

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