Our main daytime bartender Mary speaks about how Piedmont Bistro by Venue has a cohesive team. She tells her favorite Piedmont story about one of her regulars sending her flowers for her birthday.


For my birthday this year one of my regulars sent me flowers.

“My name is Mary. I’ve been working at the Bistro since February of last year and I am the main daytime bartender. Thankfully because I work Monday through Friday or Saturday I have a lot of regulars. People I call by name and that I can see walking across the parking lot and put their order in because they get the same thing every time. I like the familiarity and knowing that people come to see me. My best story is that for my birthday this year one of my regulars sent me flowers. She had them delivered to Piedmont. It was cute too because she signed the card, and I don’t know many people with her name, but she put her order underneath her name so I knew exactly who it was. I’ve never had anybody that’s not family send me flowers. That was awesome, that was special for me. It really is the family aspect, the energy. Everybody just feels like they’re here to help each other. It doesn’t feel like work a lot. I don’t know if synergy is the word I want to use. It’s the cohesiveness of our team. From management to dishwasher, host, bartender, chef. Everybody pulls their weight and plays their part and we seem to do it pretty well.”

It doesn’t feel like work.

Come in today to meet Mary and maybe one day you’ll be sending her flowers too. We will give you that friendly, neighborhood treatment we strive for.

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